Tuesday, May 9

Ladies and Gentleman, We Are the Royals

Not a long post tonight, just thought I'd take a break from my gamecast to point out the obvious. With Maddux stuggling, and by struggle I mean give up 7 runs on 9 hits in 3.5 innings, for the second game in a row it seems we have lost what little we have going for us. It's a sad day in Mudville right now and something needs to be done. The answer my friends, accept the good lord jesus as your saviour.

Ok, maybe not, but as the admirable, but ultimately dimwitted Hawk pointed out, Wood looked good (and I ryhme all the time. So here's a dime, and if the Cubs could win it would be sublime. I just saw a Mime). I know we've done this to ourselves several times over the past few seasons, but maybe Kerry, with some divine intervention has been sent down to save us. We can only hope he can hit as well as pitch, because no one else on the team can. In Kerry we trust, thou must not forsake us.


At 12:53 AM, Blogger DS said...

Couple things Sarce. Only JT is allowed to spell words with unnecessary u's as he's the only Brit who posts here. Also, you're not allowed to call me dim-witted until you stop ripping off Adam Sandler jokes. Finally, we need to lose at least another 7 straight reach KC status. Maybe you can re-post this in a week.


At 7:04 AM, Blogger JT said...

Thanks Hawk.

I will point out though that while we have gone 1-7 in the month of May, the Royals have actually done us in, posting a 3-5 mark over the same time period [playing arguably harder opposition like Detroit, Chi Pale Hose and the Indians].

They're also edging us in runs per game over that stretch, averaging 2.25 runs per game to our pathetic 1.25 runs per game.

Also, to make matters worse, we've been outscored 37-10, while KC is only being outscored 32-18 during the same stretch.

We are, technically, worse than the Royals right now. Fuck. Put Dusty Baker on suicide watch. The absence of one guy in the batting order is not supposed to make this much difference to a team's fortunes.

7:04 AM


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